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  1. Music Director and Contractor
    As Music Director, I specialize in Conducting, Supervising, teaching, and organizing specific sizes of orchestras for different events; especially, to accompany singers of all music genres, from Opera to Salsa, including Classical, Pop, R&B, etc. I also have an extensive career of over 50 years in conducting thousands of television shows.
  2. Songwriter & Composer
    Through the years, I have made many Commercial Jingles and Television Music Themes for Shows,News Programs and Documentaries as well as Live Show Opertures. I also work with a staff of composers that can taylor to any music genre.
  3. Arranger
    Arranging and Orchestrating has been a constant part of my life, whether it's been for a Jazz Ensemble, Small Rhythm section, a Vocal Choir, Woodwind Section or one of my favorites, the String Section. The Sky is the limit! I have estimated that through the years I have made over 8,000 music arrangements of all types.
  4. Producer
    As a Producer, I can work with an artist to develop and create their style and coach and aim their project in the right direction toward achieving a high quality sound recording, working along with the best musicians and engineers in the field.